Bordering Shanghai, on the pulse of Hangzhou, the fastener product export base in China--Haiyan, is shining in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta. With a history of more than 2,200 years, this city has been known as "Iron Haiyan" since ancient times. The rich history of iron industry has laid the foundation for the development of fastener industry in Haiyan.Today, Haiyan has become the largest county-level fastener products export base in China, and has won the titles as "Fastener Industry Demonstration Base in Zhejiang", "Fastener Product Export Base In Zhejiang", “The First Batch of New Type Industrialization Demonstration Base Pilot in Zhejiang” and “ The Second Batch of Industrial Cluster Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Pilot in Zhejiang”.

At present, there are more than 600 fastener manufacturers in the county, among which 75 have an annual export value of more than USD 1 million and 15 have an annual export value of more than USD 10 million. The products cover more than 100,000 models and specifications of 12 categories of global fastener product standards, forming a special, fine, special and new fastener industry cluster represented by Yuxing Nut, Qifeng Precision Industry, Rongyi Precision, Tiankai Industry, Zhejiang Fangquan, AVIC Laibao, Zhejiang Junyue, etc.

The National Standard Parts Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center established in Haiyan in 2006 has become the first internationally recognized third-party testing institution in the domestic fastener industry.

The good industrial base has attracted multinational enterprises such as Wurth, Sunderland, Cooper and Turner to settle in. Haiyan has formed a complete fastener industry chain from raw material supply, production, surface treatment, testing to equipment manufacturing, mold making, supply chain logistics.

School of Materials Science and Engineering of Shanghai University, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University (Jiaxing) and Zenith Steel Group have successively established investment, cooperation, research and development and innovation platforms in Haiyan, which provides a guarantee for the personalized demands of the ever-changing world fastener market.


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